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TV Series - Your shows manager review

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Alise Green

TV Series - Your shows manager review

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Keeping track of all your favourite shows, movies and actors can be a drag especially when you have to do it through multiple network streams. With the TV Series app, everything becomes a seamless experience as you can get this on one device. Convenience is the key selling point of this app, and it’s highly recommended to anyone who doesn’t want to lose tabs on any content that they are watching.

Key Features

The TV Series app allows you to do a couple of things. is a user community driven cloud portal that allows you to access all previous and present TV shows including episodes, trailers, and any other information that you may require about numerous shows. Once you create an account with, you can use the TV Series app to view content from, with new content being automatically updated. With the search feature, you can look for specific content that you want by filtering through episode names or even dates. You can also mark episodes as ‘new’ or ‘seen’, which the app will automatically update on record.

With this app, you can create an account on FEMA, which allows you to store content on the cloud and access other content from the same storage. If you have several devices, you can sync all of them on the cloud and view cloud content from any of them. The app will also automatically alert you on whether there is new content out, and you can automatically update these with just a single click. The app also has its AI intelligently that track all shows or episodes that you watch, and provides suggestions for future shows based on this content. You’ll get to see lists of trending topics and episodes, and social conversations of what happened for example in the last episode of Game of Thrones which you might have missed.

In terms of the visual design, the TV Series app hits the nail right on the head with its colorful and glossy design which immediately ropes you in. The quality of the shows isn’t too bad either, although it might be a small, unnoticeable step down from real television. You can view lists of all your saved content, use customizable widgets and choose various themes based on your preferences.

The TV Series app is definitely for anyone looking for more control over what they watch, when and where they watch it, making managing all our favourite shows effortless.

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