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The Impossible Game review

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Alise Green

The Impossible Game review

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Jump onto blocks to avoid getting spiked playing The Impossible Game. It is simple yet very addictive game that is quite impossible to beat.

Control an orange square and jump onto blocks by tapping and holding your screen to get to the end of each level.

This app is widely popular among iPhone and Xbox Live users. What’s more, the game creates a live arcade experience that keeps a gamer glued to the action from start to finish.

Key Features of The Impossible Game

  • Pass Different Levels: The game motivates you by ensuring every level up comes with a set of more difficult challenges than the previous one. Completing one level unlocks the next.

  • Fast Graphics and Gameplay: With one-thumb gameplay, plain scenery and a lead character, the game is fast and flawless. Velocity increases when you are jumping over the spikes to ensure accuracy.

  • Sound: The app features several techno soundtracks that put you in a gaming mood. A list of five soundtracks plays in the background to keep you entertained as you enjoy the game.

  • Blood Boiling Gaming: Unlock medals and levels by completing levels. You can challenge yourself by completing the game with zero flags.

  • Highly Addictive: The gameplay is simple and insanely addictive due to the challenging nature of the game. The game is synced with an awesome soundtrack that will definitely get you hooked.

  • Practice Mode: A Practice Mode has been included in the game to help game lovers set milestones as they progress.

  • Tracking progress: The stats page in the app tells how you have progressed in the game. You can keep up with your progress instantaneously.

How to Play

Your reflexes and memory are put to the test in an adrenaline rush experience. With simple control of taps and holds, guide the orange square and jump onto blocks by tapping and holding your screen to avoid getting hit until you get to the end of each level.

The game velocity creates a life or death ride across the seamless landscape.

Mistakes lead to instant death and make you restart the level. The game is simple, but you must break some sweat to reach the final level.

The App Compatibility

The app is available on:

  • Play Store;

  • App Store;

  • Microsoft Store;

  • Steam store;

  • Ovi store.


The Impossible game has a minimalistic design and stylish interface to keep the gamer coming back for more. The challenges are addictive, when you unlock a new level you get a medal and you can unlock more medals as you progress. The gameplay is nothing short of stunning. In essence, it is a must-play for all gamers.

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