Temple Run 2

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Temple Run 2 review

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Alise Green

Temple Run 2 review

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A game that's been downloaded over 170 million times! Temple Run has flourished ever since its launch in August 2011, and now, it is a household name. Although Temple Run 2 still follows the same gameplay, which is 3D endless running, this epic sequel has never been better. It's an endless pursuit that never seems to end as you pursue treasure. Is it a worthy successor or a boring refresher of something you've played countless times? Let's find out.

Key Features

The game involves your guide perpetually running away from a demonic primate character. You are going to notice massive graphics improvement as you find yourself in different environments. It's truly gorgeous! The game boasts of perfect color and lighting combinations that present a fluid animation. You get realistic-looking fire hazards and other obstacles like rotating grinders and many more.

If you've been playing Temple Run before, you will dig this sequel. In Temple Run 1, you were chased by three monkeys. However, in Temple Run 2, your character gets chased by one monster. There are train cars, stairs, ropes, and curves. There's a new power-up feature that makes the progression from one level to the next easier. Temple Run 2 also comes with four playable characters, and they possess extraordinary power-up capabilities. They also run more quickly. Along the way, you are going to find different power-ups or some shields that make you invincible. In Temple Run 2, you can continue running after you die by spending your premium gems.

The only disadvantage is that although it feels like a new beginning, it’s more of the same. Sure, the graphics are better, and you get a new power-up system, but at the core, it's more like the original. These small additions are great for an interactive play, but they downplay the simplicity that improves the leaderboard for those willing to spend a coin. In the end, the improvement is worth it, as it makes the game more enjoyable than the predecessor.

You can easily download the app from Google Play and Apps Store. It is stable, and you'll hardly experience problems with loading time and in-game freezing or crashing. iOS users can even share their scores through the Game Center social network. Temple Run 2's engaging experience that will keep you entertained whenever you want to have some fun.

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