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Star Stable Horses review

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Alise Green

Star Stable Horses review

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Originally Star Stable is a multiplayer role-playing game for PC and Mac in which you have to take care of horses, explore the open world, complete missions, and solve riddles. The idea of this game became very successful. Today, it is played by more than 3,5 million players around the world. Star Stable Horses application is made to complement this game with a horse-caring mobile client. It is made to allow Star Stable fans to breed new horses in their phones to transfer them into Star Stable Online when they grow up. 

Key Features

Star Stable Horses is a cute, peaceful 3D game, in which you have to take care of up to 5 horses at the same time. The list of activities is rather big. You can feed your horses with different delicacies, wash them after a busy day in the yard, and train them to earn stars of experience. All of these tasks are very easy and relaxing. To train your foals, you just have to swipe the screen to make them gallop and grow muscles. After that, don’t forget to pamper them with apples and carrots and wash their croup before taking them to the stable. You can also use the built-in photo booth to take lovely pictures of your horses around the yard and in the stable. You can even apply multiple color filters to make images look more stylish and share them in social networks, such as Facebook and Instagram directly from the app. 

As soon as one horse grows big enough (this process takes from a couple of days to a week), you can transfer it to the Star Stable Online game. It’s important to say that Star Stable Horses graphics are far from the original game, so when you transfer horses, they become much more smooth and beautiful. 

Star Stable Horses also has some multiplayer features. A player from the computer game can see that you have the app installed when they visit your account. It means that they can go and look at your farm, say hello, and appreciate your horses. 

Every update of the game (it happens about 2 times a month) brings at least two new horse breeds to the game. The latest version includes Jorvik ponies, steeds, packhorses, Lustianos, Halfingers and many more. Their appearance depends on the quality of your daily training. Do your best to complete all objectives and get stars to make future leaders out of your horses. 

Star Stable Horses is an excellent pocket solution for breeding new horses for Star Stable Online. It allows you to start playing online with horses that already have 10 levels. As soon as it happens, just press “buy the horse” and meet it on your computer screen in a few seconds. The games for horse lovers have never been such multifeatured. 

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