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Snapchat review

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Alise Green

Snapchat review

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Snapchat was created by three students while studying at Stanford University, and it managed to change the view on short messages. Besides chatting it allows you to share photos and videos. 

Key Features

The essence of this application is to send your friends photos and videos that can only be viewed at a certain time (no more than 10 seconds). With the standard settings, the message can be viewed for 3 seconds. After 3 seconds, it self-destructs. Photos can be accompanied by any captions, draw pictures, apply masks and filters. After viewing the photo disappears. Everything is very simple.

The main idea is to live in the moment. Therefore, communication takes place in the format of "here and now." In Snapchat it is impossible to overview photos, re-read messages, this is the main feature of the application.

This application has both advantages and disadvantages. One of the advantages is the appearance of live communication. When at any time you can throw a photo from what you are doing at the moment. And then do not worry that the bad photo will be stored by someone. The second advantage is the absence of unnecessary files overloading the phone's memory. Another advantage is that you can not be afraid to do stupid things with this application. All photos disappear from the web.

This social network has a bright appearance. A ghost is depicted on a yellow background in a minimalist style. Thus avatars of users are made out.

This app can be downloaded only on smartphones with support for Android and iOS. Registration is free, just create an account, choose a login, password, and confirm your email. That's all - enjoy the app!

Before you record a video or take a photo, you can apply filters or masks. Masks and filters change every day. But there is one problem: if you have an old version of Android, then the filters will be unavailable. And without filters, the application itself becomes useless. Also, a minus can be considered that you can make a print screen from the snap. And because of this, someone can save your photo. Also on holidays in the app are added cute pictures and cartoons that can be sent to your friends. Therefore, the application can rather be considered not a social network, because it does not delay as much as Instagram, for example, but as a messenger.

I recommend this application to people who want to chat with friends using quick and short messages. A lot of cool filters that change every day. Short messages that disappear very quickly and absolutely do not occupy space in the phone. Snapchat is suitable for people who are constantly in motion. Facebook, Instagram, LifeLife are a thing of the past. The future is modern and fast technology. Keep up with the times and live the moment.

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