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One of my favourite things to do when I am just relaxing is playing online games on my phone. But with so many games being buggy and hard to navigate I get frustrated with most of these games. I discovered, and it is now one of my favourite games.

Key Features

The game's concept is simple but very creative at the same time. You aviator is a worm that feeds on the remains of other worms. You grow bigger and faster with everything you eat. You can play offline with the AI of the game, but to me, it is much more engaging online with other players. Playing offline allows you to save your data bundles.

The aims not to hit any other worm head on. If you do your avatar will burst into flame, and the other worm can feed on you. But if another player hits you on the side, then, they will compost, and you can feed on their remains.

You navigate your worm through the touch on your screen or arrows depending on the one you are comfortable with. But whatever controls you choose, you will be able to move your aviator fluidly and with the smallest touch. These sensitive controls allow you to avoid your opponents or engulf them so that they can explode.

You can use a wide range of devices to play the game as it is compatible with even older versions of phones and tablets. If you wish to play on your PC, all you need is add a user name, and you can start growing your worm avatar.

The graphics of the game are vivid and colorful. You can customize your worm including color and pattern of the skin. Create an avatar that stands out showing off your creative abilities to the other players online.

The ranking system allows you to see how good the other players are in the game. All your information and that of your opponents is displayed at the top right corner of the game. On the bottom left you can see how your worm is developing and your overall score.

In conclusion, the simplicity of and the ability to compete online with other players makes it very interesting. You do not have to overwhelm yourself thinking and strategizing too much. Just log in and play while watching your worm aviator grow.

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