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Samsung+ review

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Samsung+ review

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Samsung Members is an app that brings together users of the brand’s mobile phones. Through the app, the individuals can share information about the device and get access to exclusive features.

Key Features

The app has numerous topics related to Samsung gadgets. If you are a user of a certain gadget such as Samsung Galaxy S8, you can join discussions involving this device. Share your experience with others who want to learn more about how to use it. If you are stuck, you can also ask questions and wait for responses from other members of the community. With millions of users being in the community, you would expect a response within a few minutes of asking because at least one person has to be online.

The app has information about how to use various tools in your gadget. Therefore, before asking a question, you should browse to see if the articles on the platform have already answered your question. For example, you can get information on how to optimize your battery to avoid wastage of power especially when you are traveling and have no place to recharge your gadget. There is also information on how to diagnose your device when you are experiencing a problem. All you need is to follow the instructions and your problem will be solved within seconds.

Sometimes, you may need to talk to the customer service of Samsung when you have gone through all the information on the platform and you haven’t yet found your answer. The customer support department is always online to serve you. You may even video chat with the customer service and they will answer your questions. I find this to be the most interesting feature of Samsung Members because, through a video call, the support may demonstrate step by step what you should do to solve issues with your device.

Through the app, you also get to learn about upcoming features and be among the first people to unlock them on their devices. You can also learn about Samsung devices that have the best capabilities and plan to purchase it the next time you go shopping. There is also a bonus feature whereby you earn rewards on your device and you can redeem them using Samsung Members. All Samsung users should join this community to learn about their devices and to contribute to discussions that may help developers to improve their future gadgets.

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