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Pinterest review

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Alise Green

Pinterest review

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Sometimes you need to find inspiration, but where do you get it from? For this purpose, I use the app Pinterest. With this, it is very easy to find interesting solutions and original ideas from around the world.

Key Features

This application has a convenient browser extension, with which you can attach links that interest you, photos, videos and gifs to “boards”. You form these boards yourself, sign them and set confidentiality. You can make the boards so that only you can see the boards. And if you want to share your ideas with others, then just leave the board open, as such, it is the default. 

Also, pictures, links and videos can be searched by internal tags, which the program automatically generates. The app has a convenient search line with auto-complete. If you like someone's page, then you can subscribe to this person. In the ribbon on the main page, there are images that the search engine offers on the basis of your pinned pin, as well as viewed images. At the same time, when opening a pin, the pinned images are called like this, at the bottom of the page there are recommended pins which, in the opinion of the Interest system, are suitable for the image content. Also, if you want to find similar images, you can use the search by pictures.

In addition to the browser extension, there are mobile apps for the Android and iOS platforms. Applications support all the same features that the browser version offers. But in the mobile version, there are special features. For example, the great function is a search for objects and images by using the camera.

If you need to advertise your store, you can create a business account. With this type of account, you can use professional advertisers and marketers, such as analytics and advertising.

Community Interests maintains the safety of its users. If necessary, you can hide the search for your account from various search engines. Also, moderation of the community excludes the distribution of offensive content directed against the LGBT community or representatives of different nationalities. The community is against terrorism, calls for extremism, humiliation and violence against persons and other things.

To track the popularity of the content, the application has a built-in notification function that you can customize or even disable.

In general, an application can be described as useful. I would recommend this application for people looking for inspiration, as well as for those who want to find more solutions to the same problem. Also, this application often offers answers to questions, instructions in pictures and training courses. The convenient embedding of the application in the browser allows you to quickly add information to the boards. Look for your style, plan a vacation, look for a hobby, plan work in various areas: repair of an apartment, garden design, look for interesting ideas: recipes, articles, gifts, saving money and much more.

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