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Periscope review

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Alise Green

Periscope review

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This is a live streaming app that records a high-quality video that you can share with the world. Unlike other social media apps that have a live streaming option that is built in addition to other features, Periscope is purely for creating live videos. The following features make the app unique and they are the reason you should choose to live stream using Periscope.

Key Features

The app records a high definition video. And as you record your video, people can join and start commenting. The comments appear on the left side of the screen and they keep moving up with the latest comments being at the bottom and the old ones disappearing at the top of the screen. This means that you can follow the comments by staying focused on the bottom left corner of the mobile screen so that you can react or reply to comments from your followers.

When people like your live stream, they show love by clicking on hearts that then appear on your screen. For the hearts to appear, you just need to tap on the screen of the phone and you will see the heart signs flying on the screen. If you receive numerous hearts, it means that people are loving your video and you are doing it right but if you don’t receive any heart signs, you should confirm that you are recording the video the right way.

You can meet with people from any part of the world when using Periscope. The app shows you all the live videos that are being recorded by different people. There is even a section of the most popular videos. These are videos that have been liked by numerous people and you too can click on them and enjoy the live feeds. This is unlike other platforms where you only see the live videos of people in your friend list. With Periscope, you are not limited to your friends, region or anything else.

User Experience

The app is easy to use. Once you open it, the bottom left side of the screen has a watch tab. When you click on it, you can see a list of videos that may interest you and you can then select the one you love most and start watching it. When you join a video, you can see the comments as they appear on the left side of the screen. On the right side of the screen opposite the watch tab, you can view a list of your friends. When you click on it, you can view popular people on Periscope and if you like them, click the icon beside each name to follow them and their videos.

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