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Percentage Calculator review

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Percentage Calculator review

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The Percentage Calculator is a one-of-a-kind app that eases the task of calculating daily mathematical problems that involve rates, interests, discounts and other kinds of percentages.

This app allows you to visualize and efficiently calculate different kinds of percentages. Solving your math problems is now as easy as inputting values and letting the calculator do the rest.

Key Features of the App

  • Multiple calculations: When you want to solve math problems that result in increases and decreases, you can have both done simultaneously in the app.

  • Simplicity: With an easy to use UI, navigation is hassle-free. For efficiency, it also includes a slider that allows you to view the number of decimal places in a result value.

  • Copy-pasting: This feature makes it stand out since it helps you avoid typos and saves you time. By simply clicking and holding, you can effortlessly copy or paste a value in the calculator.

Get Help Using The App in Multiple Languages

The Percentage Calculator has instructions of use in three languages:

  • English;

  • French;

  • Arabic.

App Compatibility

Your calculations have never been closer!

The percentage calculator is compatible with most Android devices including Android 4.0.3 and up.

Solve All These Math Problems with The Percentage Calculator

Here are the supported calculators and how they benefit everyone in day to day calculations:

  • Value: The type of values you can input are: tax, sales, and VAT. At school, they are useful in subjects such as mathematics, algebra, and statistics. It can also be used to calculate fat percentage in cooking ingredients and food.

  • Change: This includes calculations of percentage increase and decrease, net income/profit, markups, profit margin, tips, sale price, shopping prices.

  • Conversion: The percentage calculator lightens the work for you by converting decimals to fractions and vice versa.

  • Growth: Useful in business calculations such as doubling time, inflation, annual growth, cumulative growth, compound interest, business, and finance.

User Interactive Experience

The application' s user-interface is sleek, simple and fast. When you first open the app, you have a neatly arranged list of calculations that you can perform in the app.

You can then enter two values to calculate the third.

A Wide Range of Applications

Every day you face logical problems that require constant calculations to avoid losses or to improve certainty. You can use The Percentage Calculator app in:

  • Hospitals and health clinics;

  • Shopping centers;

  • Businesses and financial institutions;

  • In cooking.


Solve most of your mathematical problems and track progress in different aspects of life with the Percentage Calculator.

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