Opera Mini

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Opera Mini review

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Alise Green

Opera Mini review

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How do you feel when adverts keep on popping everywhere while surfing? Or you’ve just viewed a few pages and then you get a message that your data is almost depleted? Recently, I had a research work that was needed urgently, I was in a remote area using a pay-as-you-go plan for data. Every page I opened was taking forever to load. Usually, I would use Google Chrome for all my mobile browsing but since the company doesn’t offer a Mini Version, I had to try Opera Mini which worked so perfectly and ever since I have been using it for all my mobile browsing.

Opera Mini is one of the latest and perhaps among the fastest web browsers currently available. It offers a secure and feature-rich internet browser meant to make surfing fun and super-fast. Opera Mini has a clean user interface, it is easy to navigate and allows the user to surf the internet faster even when having WI-FI connectivity problems, that means even in remote areas, you can surf the internet with so much ease.

Key Features

  • Excellent Performance

Opera Mini works by sending a request to the Opera Servers which then download the needed data page, compress it and sends it back to the browser. The pages are usually processed before being sent which boosts performance and makes pages load faster.

  • Built-in Adblocker

The ad-blocker feature only blocks the ads on the sites that user visits. However, Opera Mini will continue showing ads in the news and on the homepage of the browser.

  • Save Data and Money

If you have data limitations or maybe a paying-as-you-go plan, Opera Mini offers you the best way to save your data and money altogether. Opera Mini helps you save up to 90% of the data, which is 3.5 times less data than the Chrome browser.

  • Video Download

One thing I love about Opera Mini is that you can not only download your favourite videos, you can also stream videos online without delays. Opera Mini’s compression technology enables it to reduce the size of the video and thus, this combat buffering delays. With features like video boost, video loading time is significantly lessened thus saving more data.

In general, the Opera Mini app is an app with excellent performance and a ton of other unique features such as personalized news, tab gallery, night mode feature and private browsing. In addition, this app can sync your devices which means you will be able to access your bookmarks anytime. So, what do you think? Download Opera Mini today!

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