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News From The World review

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Alise Green

News From The World review

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Don’t you hate it when you have to browse through a website thinking that you will find some interesting news and only get disappointed? After spending much time and data on the site, you would expect to at least get some interesting piece to read. News from the World saves you from this kind of disappointment through the app’s RSS Feeds. 

Key Features 

The app lets you set RSS feeds that you don’t want to miss. These are alerts that give you summaries of articles discussing various issues online. To get the alerts, you don’t need to load the full website. You view the summarized articles on the app and once you find an interesting one, you can load the full piece and read a more detailed version. These feeds are simple and fast and they do not consume many internet bundles unless you decide to read all articles in details.

News from the World gives you an opportunity to compare news from different sources so that you can determine whether the information you are reading is reliable. For example, you can compare news from web portals with those on newspapers and TV channels. If the same piece of information is repeated on all these sources, then it means the information may be reliable. However, if some information is found only on one of these sources, then it means that you have to search more or wait to see if these sources will update their sites with the same news. This process is crucial especially if you are relying on the news you read to make important decisions. 

The app has news in a variety of topics such as economy, health, finance, politics, sports, and events. This means that you can make it your one-stop shop for information on any subject because it is not limited in terms of topics and subjects. 

The app is suitable for both new and old android phones. Therefore, you don’t have to worry about the app being one of those that take up large space on your phone preventing you from downloading other things on your gadget. The simplicity of the app, therefore, makes it a must-have because you may not even notice that you have it as it takes up a maximum of 3.3 Megabytes of your phone’s memory. The app is also free meaning that you have the opportunity to be updated about the topics you are interested in any time you want.

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