Minecraft - Pocket Edition

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Minecraft - Pocket Edition review

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Alise Green

Minecraft - Pocket Edition review

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This game has won millions of hearts all over the world. You can download "Minecraft" on your device. Create your character, build your house, go on a journey through the mountains, forests and valleys, or go down into the deep mines. You can do anything, you are limited only by your imagination.

Key Features

You are limited only by your imagination. If the normal game mode does not attract, then choose Hardcore. Fight off the hordes of zombies, creepers and spiders. And if a single game is already bored, then you can always join in multiplayer with other players on the server or create your own to invite your friends there. Do not forget that this game already has many modifications. With the help of modifications, some servers have become arenas of royal battle and hunger games. Other servers have become similar GTA. There are also servers with real cities, where each player comes up with their own history, goes to work, starts a family, that is, completely repeats real life. So you can do whatever you want.

Since the game has interesting features, you can play it until it gets boring. Even when the usual modes will cease to please you can always turn to various modifications, as well as to various servers with their own rules and capabilities. And also there is an opportunity to participate in championships and competitions for construction.

Mobile version of the application has a convenient management. At the bottom of the screen are virtual sticks responsible for running, movement of the eye. Also on the main screen is a virtual action button (hit with a weapon or fist / picking things up). In the middle of the screen is the quick access menu for items. Above the quick menu there is a line of endurance of characters. On the top left is the indicator of life in the form of hearts. As well as an indicator of armor in the form of body armor.

The graphics of the game is quite unusual. Because it is dominated by cubic forms. The picture is in high definition, but made in such a way as to repeat the theme of pixel games, but on a larger scale. If necessary, the application can be installed modifications graphics. They can even be found on mobile devices.

Good time killer, with which you can not only show your imagination, but also learn useful things, such as three-dimensional insight, programming, design and much more. Various game modes such as Survival, Hardcore, Sandbox, as well as single and multiplayer modes allow the player to choose what he wants to do at the moment.

The game is suitable for gamers of any age. If you like open world games and the ability to entertain yourself, then this is the game for you. If you like to build creative buildings, labyrinths, obstacle courses, mechanisms and much more, this game is also for you. If you like to travel around the world, hunt animals, defend yourself from monsters and explore the bowels of the earth, this game also suits you.

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