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Microsoft Excel review

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Alise Green

Microsoft Excel review

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For the very long time, creating and editing of any documents on smartphones was not available. Then you could use some handicraft apps, but they were so clumsy that you’d prefer to carry your laptop around to avoid using them. Today the situation has changed due to the release of a mobile version of the most demanded office suite of all times, Microsoft Office. Microsoft Excel is one of the apps from this suite. It provides a highly convenient workspace for creating and editing spreadsheets, tables, and all kinds of diagrams.

Key Features

Though Microsoft Excel app is the most powerful portable table editor, it’s not as multifunction as the desktop version. For example, you are not allowed to merge into columns into one. It means that you can’t add a column with second names to the column with first names if you are not using the desktop version. At the same time, when you open spreadsheets same spreadsheets on your computer and your smartphone, they look absolutely the same. Only editing options are slightly different. Developers decided not to include instruments for visual formatting of tables, so you can easily view them, but cannot modify their style. 

On the other hand, the smartphone version has some convenient features that could be very useful for the desktop.  For example, you may want to see the full content of each column, but it’s not wide enough. Just tap the column letter twice to activate the AutoFit option. If you want to do the same operation on your computer, you have to go to the Home menu, choose Cell, in the Format submenu, and only then you can click AutoFit option via the dropdown bar. 

Similarly to the desktop version, you can work on an unlimited number of tables simultaneously. The only limitation is your device RAM. This app requires at least 1GB and all other apps closed for stable work, so it’s not advisable to launch more than 2 tables at the same time on slow devices. 

It’s important to highlight Insert tab features as they are a bit further than in the PC version. You can add pictures from your image library and take live photos using the camera. Other items you can insert are tables, charts, shapes, comments, and stock exchange updates (with a downloadable free add-on).

You can also compare Microsoft Excel app to Apple Numbers and Google Sheets, but none of them provides such a wide range of professional features for free. Numbers app is much more stylish and intuitive as well as Sheets is more suitable for team collaboration. However, if you have to do serious XLSX projects on your smartphone or tablet, Microsoft Excel is the most multi-featured solution on the market. 

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