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Mahjong review

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Mahjong review

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The world of puzzles is extremely diverse, and smartphones made it possible to play them all on a single platform in any conditions and circumstances. Mahjong is an Asian game that became very popular in western countries due to the extensive development of the Internet and mobile technologies. This game proved to be one of the most immersive and training time killers. Today there is are no mobile and desktop platforms that don’t support the game. The Mahjong app by Honey Tripeaks is based on classical rules of Mahjong Patience and modern design of tiles. Let’s take a look at the features. 

Key Features

This Mahjong game is available exclusively for Android smartphones and tablets. It provides a brand new look on this classic puzzle board game. Playing it, you can earn points to exchange them on new tile-skins. Developers claim that you can unlock more than 800 boards. You can also set one of 4 solid backgrounds.

Classic Mahjong game includes 3 styles of tiles, such as bamboo, characters, and circles. However, the mobile implementation by Honey Tripeaks includes hundreds of styles. You can purchase skins with animals, plants, navy items, jewels, guns, and other themes. 

The main objective of a single Mahjong round is to match all similar tiles in order to clear the board. Tiles lie close to each other in several layers. You may see similar tiles in different layers, but it’s impossible to reach them without clearing corresponding sectors of the top layer.

This task is complicated because you have to think of the way to match tiles to avoid unsolvable situations. Such cases may occur when you match the next pair of tiles in the wrong order. You understand that the game is over when you make sure that there are no active tiles that match each other. The only way out of this situation is repeated shuffling. In this Mahjong app, you probably won’t come across such situations, because it’s a simplified version. There are not so many tiles in each level, and they are shuffled the way to let you solve puzzles to the end. 

Mahjong is not only an excellent time killer, but it’s also a very good exercise for your brains. According to NCBI research of Mahjong effect on human brain activity proved that this game raises the performance of all cognitive processes. People who participated in tests showed a better result in memorizing digits, numbers, words, sentences, and visual images. It means that Mahjong board game is a great educative time killer for people of all ages. Kids can play it to train memory and concentration, while adult should use it to slow down brain ageing.

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