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MACHINE review

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Alise Green

MACHINE review

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Machine Lite is a game for Android device users. It involves moving a large ball of energy through a rotating gear with saws that pose a danger to the ball. As the player, your role is to protect the ball of energy from being dismantled by the saws. You can do this by jumping up and down along the ground. The game has various features that make it interesting. 

Key Features 

One of its major features is the simplicity of the design. It is simple in that all you have to do is to protect your ball from being rolled over by the saws. The large ball of energy that you are protecting is white and the saws are black. This difference in colors makes it clear because you can see the danger that is coming towards your ball; hence, you take the right action. 

When you open the game, you will find a play button. When you tap on it, you can start playing immediately. At the home screen, it shows the top scores. These scores challenge you to play more and be able to beat the top scorers. 

Once you start playing the game, the saws start rolling towards your direction. There are big and small saws and no matter the size, all of them are dangerous. They may attack you from the top or bottom, meaning that you have to keep shifting directions to avoid hitting the saws. The ground upon which the saws move keeps rotating at 360 degrees. The rotation of the ground leads to one of the difficulties in the game. It may confuse your vision and movement, making it hard not to get hit. However, if you are bold enough to keep moving, you learn to skip the dangerous gears whether the ground is rotating or not because you are playing against gravity. 

Machine Lite is compatible with any device with Android 4.0 and above. Therefore, you can play it on mobile or tablet. The game is also free to download and play. However, you have to watch a few ads that pop up. Ads do not interfere with your play time as they appear after you finish playing. 

Overall, Machine Lite is an interesting game to play for anyone looking for a challenge to solve. It has a simple classic design and the interface that is easy to maneuver.

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