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Livestream review

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Alise Green

Livestream review

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Livestream helps you to view live events on your mobile phone. The app is for Android users meaning that you can use it on mobile or tablets. With it, you can stream events from any website online. Below are key features that make the application one of the best for streaming live. 

Key Features  

With the app, you may get notifications when your friends go live. For example, you may choose to get notified when people go live via Facebook or Twitter. The alerts are not limited to social media only; you can set reports for other websites that you are interested in, such as the New York Times and ESPN. When you set notifications for other sites, it means you may keep yourself updated about football or other news topics that interest you. Therefore, you are not limited to viewing only videos from friends as it would be the case if you were using a social media app to view live streams. 

With this app, you also get to broadcast yourself and stream videos to users of the application and social media. Therefore, when you take a video of yourself, friends on Facebook and Twitter can view your video as you record. Livestream also has a chat option whereby friends from all sites can engage with you on your video. They comment through the chat, and you may respond as you make your video. Friends using the app may get notified when you go live so that they can join in the stream just as you get alerted when they also go on live chat. 

The quality of the video is the main advantage of this app compared to other apps. The high quality of the video makes it enjoyable to view, and it keeps your viewers engaged. The app saves your videos and pictures so that you may be able to view them at later. You can browse through the saved videos to select the one you want or you can search using the name of the file. 

With Livestream, you can cast your videos on TV. Other apps that you can use to cast Livestream videos include Chromecast and Roku. When you cast videos on TV, you can view the recording on a larger screen than when using your mobile phone. Casting on television is efficient when you are viewing videos as a group. Instead of scrambling for the small mobile phone screen, a live cast on TV may enable everyone to have a clear view of the stream.  

The app is free to view broadcasts from other viewers. However, if you want to record a live stream, you need to pay 75 dollars. You may choose to pay a monthly or yearly fee depending on the plan that fits with your needs.

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