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Latitude Longitude review

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Alise Green

Latitude Longitude review

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Latitude Longitude is a resourceful app that enables you to share map coordinates with your contacts, letting them know your current location. The app gives you several options regarding how you can send your coordinates. One way you can do this is by sending your current GPS location to an individual who’s using either GPS coordinates or GPS address, or both. The second option is by sending a location of a given point on the map coordinate. For example, if you want to let a person know where to meet you, you can send the coordinates or the GPS address of that specific location. In addition, you can customize the sharing message by adding personal notes or decide to send the location data only. The last option is sharing the coordinates or address, or both via text. For you to do this, you have to copy the location data and paste it on the platform you intend to use in sharing.

Key Features

Latitude Longitude has awesome features that give you great flexibility when it comes to finding and sharing location data. Following are some of the app functionalities you’ll enjoy: 

  • Latitude and Longitude Finder – You can use the app to find your current location’s GPS coordinates when you are lost. A search using Longitude and Latitude will give you both the coordinates and the address of where you are, that way you can retrace your way. 

  • Coordinate converter – Depending on your preference, conveniently convert coordinates to address and vice versa. The search function allows you to not only look for location details but also to convert them.

  • Map type options – There are several map types for you to choose your favorite one. There’s the normal map, a satellite which displays satellite images, terrain and the hybrid map which features multiple styles.  

  • Save and Load Locations – With the Latitude Longitude app, you can save your current location and load previously saved locations to access their coordinates and addresses. 

The app has great usability, navigating around won’t be an issue. Once you launch the app, your current GPS location is displayed on the map. There is a share button adjacent to the selected coordinates, click on it to send the location data to another person. Meetups are now easier, no more spending precious time looking for each other, just send the scheduled location coordinates via the app and you’ll be sorted. The app is only available for Android users and requires OS version 4.1 and up for compatibility. You can give it a try today for free.

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