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Kodi review

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Alise Green

Kodi review

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Nowadays, it’s hard to find an Internet user who doesn’t have subscriptions to at least a couple of video or music streaming services. Even more people use free streaming services, such as YouTube, podcasts, Internet radio, and hundreds of others. I’ve always been dreaming about an app that could combine all these services into a single place to set me free from constant switching between applications or websites. It’s rather easy to do it on desktop devices, but it may be extremely annoying on smartphones and tablets. Kodi media hub is a unique solution to the problem. Let’s take a glance on its features. 

Key Features

Kodi is a free open-source streaming service that provides users and developers with a convenient environment for viewing and listening of content from thousands of various publishers. The app itself is not a provider of content, so you may be a bit confused during the first launch. You will see the empty app without any content. Kodi content policy doesn’t allow its developers to place free content or sell anything via this platform. That’s why they came up with an idea to allow users to make plugins for this media player. 

You have to tap the Add-ons menu to reveal a massive library of third-party plugins. Kodi totals 985 official add-ons that are suitable for all devices that have the app installed. That’s where all the fun is. These add-ons provide Kodi access to YouTube and similar video hostings, to nearly all TV channels in the world, to standalone handmade movie streaming services, to nearly all kinds of music streaming platforms including podcasts, and hundreds of game emulations. Such a variety of features is astonishing. However, it’s quite difficult to set the app for the first time because the amount of add-ons is confusing. 

That’s why I recommend using the search engine. You have to enter at least one word that is related to your topic to find files in one of the categories, such as add-ons, installed add-ons, and files on-device storage. After you finally set up at least a few add-ons, Kodi starts to look like a good media center. Now you can use it to access your favourite TV-channels, shows, cartoons, movies, etc. in a couple of taps. 

The gaming features of Kodi are also astonishing. You can choose from a variety of custom platform emulators, such as retro DosBox, NES, Famicom, Atari, and all other generations of retro consoles up to PSP. It may be a bit difficult to launch them, but there are many tutorials on YouTube and other websites. 

In general, Kodi is a revolutionary open-source software that allows you to turn your smartphone, tablet or computer into a custom media center with a variety of capabilities. 

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