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Kahoot! review

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Alise Green

Kahoot! review

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If you want to apply your creativity and develop games interesting for your friends or public at large, download this app and enjoy its features. It suggests creating quizzes or so-called kahoots. You will spend just a couple of seconds to arrange them demonstrating your smartness and range of interests. Play anytime and any place you are located in or even on the go, alone or with your friends. If you do not have enough time to make your own questions, though, it is very easy to do. You can turn to public Kahoots and use them or remake them in accordance with your preferences.

Key Features

This game-based platform is good for competition or learning something new and expanding your concept of life. Here you will become a game designer and player at the same time. Creation of quizzes is performed in accordance with set models. You fill in a question checklist choosing parameters of your quiz like a number of answers to a question, the way you will select correct variants. You can add videos and pictures increasing engagement. Your game will be ready in minutes, even if you do not pay too much attention to it.

It can be a useful instrument if you develop your study project or when you arrange your party and think over entertainments which could surprise your friends. You can host games showing them on a big screen using your tablet. On the platform there are a lot of games on various topics. It is possible to join games hosted live.

The application delivers a lot of fun and practical educational value being widely used by teachers to diverse the learning experience. Forget about paper homework and use mobile devices with this application for assignment and tracking the results of your students. There is a virtual classroom which can be joined by all members of the process and a feature allowing to carry on competitions.

Many large corporations and small firms can use it for training programs. There are plenty of challenges which can be applied to engage employees who sit in various offices, cities, and even countries. You should buy one of the premium plans if you want to adjust the functionality of the app to your businesses. Here you can track your progress and estimate the efficiency of your training program. It will help you to break the ice and make your team develop.

It is possible to save results when you sign up, but you can play without setting up an account. Registration allows looking for plenty of quizzes and game results. Do not make things too complicated because this app is not intended for very difficult questions. If you use it for your kids, you can understand the level of their education tracking their answers easily and check whether they have digested the material. Try both a multiplayer and single-player mode for practice.

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