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Instagram review

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Alise Green

Instagram review

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In the world of modern technology, high-end smartphones that heed no worse than professional cameras, I want to show how, Facebook and Twitter are not becoming so popular. Reddit and Tumblr are more suitable for a narrowly specialized community. Due to the large amount of information, people are not interested in too large texts, and their meaning is poorly perceived. This is where Instagram comes to the rescue.

Key Features

The social network has become one of the most famous in the world. Now, with the help of Instagram, they keep personal blogs and diaries, search for people, communicate with friends and acquaintances, become famous, realize their desires, sell and buy things and try to bring something important to subscribers.

Instagram has influenced modern culture and has made changes in people's minds. A few simple moves are enough to join this community. Download the application, create an account, subscribe to the people you like, post photos and videos on your own account.

You can introduce yourself to the world by describing who you are and let everyone see your page. And you can make your account personal by allowing only those who are closest to you for viewing. Instagram constantly updates its functions. If you wish, you can share your posts on other social networks by linking them to your Instagram account.

The user is also given the opportunity to create  “Story” video clips and photos that can be seen only 24 hours, as time passes, the photos disappear. Photos can be decorated with various filters, masks, make captions, embed gifs, polls and much more.

Depending on your ideas and the desire to maintain your account, users choose a particular style of page management. Some people choose a certain tone, others adhere to minimalism, while still others overload photos with small details. There are animal accounts, and there are blogs of book lovers. You can find Instagram accounts of celebrities.

If necessary, you can request an archive of photos and videos from your account. Also, stories can be archived or saved in current notes on the main page of your account.

If you need to show your store, the application can become a platform for selling. All new features become available after the update and are completely free. Only some special features in the “stories” require additional tool loading. But these add-ons are also free to use.

Access to the application is allowed to persons from the age of 14. The social network does not promise a safe environment for children, but quickly and sensitively responds to complaints from users about the inconsistency of content with community policies. The community opposes pornographic images, a hostile attitude characterized by racism, homophobia, sexism, causing injuries, threats of illegal activities, dangerous and criminal organizations, the sale and promotion of firearms, drugs, harassment, and harassment. The community also protects the intellectual property rights of Instagram members.

The downside is that this social network is a timekiller. Going to check the tape for 5 minutes, you are unknowingly looking at the hundredth video about seals. Even for this, Instagram has found a solution! In the settings you can control the time spent in the application. You can set the time you want to spend on viewing, as well as control which day and how long your activity will be in the application.

In general, we can say that the application is suitable for everyone. And for those who just want to follow the information from their favorite actors, musicians, companies and many others. And for those who wish to express themselves as a free artist or a  photographer with individual views.

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