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Hungry Shark Evolution review

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Alise Green

Hungry Shark Evolution review

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Hungry Shark Evolution is a funny arcade game where you play as a shark trying to eat everything on its way to grow larger and survive. At the beginning of the game, your shark is very small, and you have to hunt even smaller fish while avoiding pretty much every other creature or object that can easily hurt you. These creatures include hostile sharks, seals, crabs and many others. You have to look for something to eat constantly – or the hunger meter will drop down to zero, and the game will be over. There are also missions that help your shark grow much faster if you manage to complete them.

As you progress and earn more in-game currency, you get an option to unlock new sharks including the Great White and even Megalodon that can eat almost anything. You can also use the currency to buy new accessories for your shark or to recruit little sharks that boost your ability to devour other creatures. But the problem with these coins and gems is that they are rather difficult to earn, and the developers try to lure you into purchasing them with real money a little too actively. Hungry Shark Evolution is not a pay-to-win kind of game, but still, it may take months of playing to unlock a new shark without spending real dollars.

Technical features

The game looks just great. The graphics are simply amazing for a mobile arcade game, the levels are detailed, and the backgrounds are colourful, so you won’t get bored by them too soon. Every visual effect from splashes of water to spills of blood is in its right place, and every shark has its own distinct appearance and swimming style. But despite all that, Hungry Shark Evolution is not very demanding for your hardware, and it performs rather well most of the time. There’s no annoying freezes or random crashes, and even minor bugs are rare.

The game also features high-quality sound and intuitive controls that allow you to control your shark with one finger or even just by tilting the screen of your device. It means you can play Hungry Shark Evolution almost anywhere and with great comfort. The iOS version of the game requires a device running iOS 8.0 or later, and you need at least iPhone 5, iPad Mini 2 or iPad 3 to play it. But once you’ve installed it, you can easily sync it with every compatible device you own. And of course, there is also an Android version of the game. Hungry Shark Evolution works perfectly well offline, so you don’t need Wi-Fi to play it.


Hungry Shark Evolution is one of the most addictive mobile games you can find, and its popularity is pretty explainable. After all, the game has engaging gameplay with a lot of features like different sharks, accessories, missions, creatures and bonuses, and the graphics are very nice. Sure, the developers urge you to spend your money on in-game currency, but you don’t have to do it. And if you don’t want to finish the game as soon as possible, there is no need in purchasing anything, just gather coins and gems, and enjoy the game process.

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