Hello Neighbor

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Hello Neighbor review

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Alise Green

Hello Neighbor review

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Horror games and horror movies always become subjects for a discussion. But this one is definitely better to try once than to talk about. Hello Neighbor is a game released in 2007 by Dynamic Pixels studio (Russia). It’s a unique product designed in a stealth-horror genre. This is a puzzle that is almost impossible to solve without using your creativity and imagination at their fullest. A great mix of puzzle-solving and surviving tasks is actually a real psychological drama, that will capture you for a long time.

Key Features

Hello Neighbor is rather simple only in its idea: there is the main character, and there is his evil neighbor in the house across the street. There’s also something that the neighbor hides in his basement, and the little hero needs to find out what it is.

At first, forget about the game’s upshot immediately, because no one knows if the end of the game exists. There’s nobody to help you. One gets the impression that some stranger things happen in the town. All residents have been kidnapped, and the neighbor is the one to blame.

The real mystery of the game is the artificial intelligence which adapts to the actions of the player. For example, the more you try to get into the house through the window, the more traps will be expecting you every time you do it. This thing is really amazing. It makes you think, try new routes, and make up some kind of a strategy to finally get into the house of the neighbor.

Another thing is that the wicked neighbor always hears what you do. If you throw objects or run around his house, he will come to find out what is happening. Here the stealth mechanic reveals itself: you can hide from a neighbor in the closet, distract him by throwing objects to make noise or just bypass. Like almost everywhere in Hello Neighbor, you can solve this puzzle only by trying all possible options, pressing all available buttons and collecting all the items on the level.

The visual style of the game deserves a special reference. Psychedelic and retro-futuristic, it really gets you into the real horror movie atmosphere. Originally, the game was developed for PC and gaming consoles, and to create a quality adaptation is usually a rather complex task. Dynamic Pixels did a truly great job to give us a really cool mobile version.

For a person outside the gaming community, the game may seem completely unpassable, strange, and boring. Yet, don’t come up with sudden conclusions. Hello Neighbor is a mystery wrapped in a great graphic casing. It brings excitement, boosts your brain, and brightens your imagination.

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