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Hangouts Dialer review

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Alise Green

Hangouts Dialer review

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Hangouts Dialer is an incredible communication app for Android users that enables them to make calls right from the Hangouts application. The app’s all about offering you convenience in your communication, as you’ll make calls without the use of cell plan minutes. Depletion of your cell plan minutes should not be a limitation as to why you can’t keep in touch with your family and friends. With this app, you can talk all day without any worries. You can make calls from the Hangouts Dialer or the call feature in the Hangouts app. Flexibility served by this app in regards to communication is awesome, seeing that you can quickly select the communication channel you prefer to use, whether it be chat, VoIP or a call. Hangouts Dialer serves as a shortcut for making Hangouts calls. 

Key Features

  • Outbound Caller ID – Each time you make a call, your recipients will see your ID and verified number, this means your call won’t appear as unknown. 

  • Free calls – If you are not using a mobile data plan, then you’ll be making calls free of charge over data to any phone number or landline. Communication couldn’t get any cheaper and easier.

  • VoIP calls – All you have to do to make VoIP calls is to connect your account with your Google Voice number. Once this is done, you can conveniently make the calls right from the Hangouts app.

The primary limitation with Hangouts Dialer is that you cannot call anyone who is in an area where there is no network coverage. Besides, a poor network connection would mean poor quality of voice during a call, therefore it might be difficult to hear what the other person is saying. However, as long as you have a reliable connection, none of these shall be a concern. Worth mentioning, the app is currently available for Android devices only. For compatibility purposes, your device ought to be running on Android 4.0.3 and up. It is also recommended that the device should have enough storage and fast processing speed. This is to ensure efficient performance. The bottom line, Hangouts Dialer is an app worth having if you are a Hangouts user and would love to keep in touch with your contacts free of charge. It is efficient and dependable. You can download Hangouts Dialer form the Google Play Store and enjoy free calls all day, all night. 

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