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Hangouts review

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Alise Green

Hangouts review

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Google Hangouts is a mobile application for communication developed by Google and being integrated into Google+ and Gmail. It allows to send immediate text messages and to chat using voice or video tools. You can communicate with one person or a group. Diversity of options makes this software popular. The app is fast, free, and easy to use due to the user-friendly interface. Download it and share your ideas, discuss them with coworkers, perform meetings remotely from office or home. Consider that it does not suit crowded meetings. It is intended for small and middle size projects or companies mostly.

Key Features

Though it is represented as a messaging app for individual users, still it handles the communication demands, so you can arrange or join a group consisting of 150 persons. It is a well-done tool for corporate environments being secured in accordance with the most current protection standards. The business owner or manager can interact with employees or clients through HD video, as one of the available options, being sure in privacy. The staff of offices located in different cities can discuss the actual issues without transportation charges. Face-to-face functionality of the app allows to carry out online conferences and meetings for up to 15 participators.

To call any google account user, you should make just a couple of movements, and as a result, you will get the highest quality of voice calls. This service will be free. Also, you can use the contacts of people who do not use Hangout, and still they get your message, but this service should be paid. Forget about a phone if you use Google Hangouts. It is important that you are allowed to share screen while chatting with your business partners or someone you work with. Messaging is also possible to send to one person or to a group. To provide the above functions, you should have a stable Internet connection. You can add images, emoji, and GIFs to your messages. All chats are automatically synchronized and can be continued via any device you use. You can read a text and send it even if your fellow or colleague is not online. He will get a message entering his account.

The application is very easy to use, even if you do not know a computer well enough. The interface is user-friendly and clear without icons and menu you do not need. There is nothing difficult here, and everybody will love to work with it. Enjoy great video and audio capabilities. Communicate with people who are located apart from the place where you are at the current moment. You will save your time and be more efficient in your business or any project.

It is so easy to arrange a meeting now because this application is downloaded on a smartphone which is always near its owner. You will appreciate notifications sent during a chat because it is much more convenient compared to e-mail under these circumstances.

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