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Ghost review

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Alise Green

Ghost review

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There are so many entertainment apps in Play Market, but not all of them can make you feel frisson on your back. Ghosts app is designed to break your sleep and to make you sleep with lights on in every room. The first time I saw this app in Play Market, I really believed it to be a kind of ghost activity detector. Even if you don’t believe in the supernatural, the Ghosts app will threaten you anyway. 

Key Features

The first tool for paranormal activity detection is the specialized soundscape analyzer. This analog device simulation is programmed to pick up signals from air to translate them into sound and a frequency diagram. You may hear nothing for minutes, but hold on, there are almost no ghost-free places in towns and cities. The results may be rather horrible.

The second way to catch paranormal sounds is to use the tape recorder. Scientists say that in theory, it’s possible to catch voices of ghosts with magnetic tape, because spirits may communicate with magnetic radiation. Keep silence in your room and record it, then listen to figure out whether there are ghosts or not. 

The third device for ghost detection is a bit more advanced as it can count the distance to the nearest concentrated energy beams. You can see the distance in inches on the small LED display and watch LED indicators to estimate the level of danger. 

Next device is a conjunction of the previous one with Google Maps and a locator. You can use it to watch if there are ghosts around your location and even count them. This smart locator distinguishes 3 types of ghosts by the types of their electromagnetic radiation. There are low, high, and dangerously high energy fields that are highlighted with grey, blue, and red. 

Finally, the most modern device is the camera that can see ghosts via a special digital filter. It also has a built-in ghost locator. To be fair, this detector is the less realistic one as the ghosts you see on the screen are not scalable. It means that you may point your camera at the nearby wall, but the ghost won’t become as big as you. Unfortunately, guys from Ciberdroix didn’t manage to make the most promising feature as good as it could be. 

In general, the Ghosts app is a very cool ghost hunter simulator that may scare you for a couple of times. However, the most exciting thing to do is to play different scenarios with your friends or relatives. Think of someone afraid of paranormal stuff and show them this modern digital ghost-detector. Don’t forget to record their reaction on video to share it later! You can also use this app to gain some suspense during late evenings near a campfire. Someone will surely have a troubled sleep after that. 

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