Discord - Chat for Gamers

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Discord - Chat for Gamers review

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Alise Green

Discord - Chat for Gamers review

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Do you like computer games as much as I? But can’t find people who want to play a game with you? For this, a special chat was created for gamers. This chat has everything that both gamers and streamers need.

Key Features

The application was specially created for gamers to have a good time playing. This application is the only cross-platform voice and text chat application. It satisfies all the necessary communication needed during gaming.

The application can be entered from a phone, tablet, computer or from a web browser. The app is free and distributed from the official website. There is a database of servers to which you can connect, but this is possible only if there is an invitation link. This allows you to protect the server from unwanted persons. If you do not want extra people to come to the server and edit the invitation link so that you can go to the server one time by it.

You can create your own server. Assign moderators, administrators set their own rules and procedures within the server. Add text channels for communication, voice channels for negotiations or just to chat with each other. Also invite bots to the server, which will make staying on the server more fun and more enjoyable. There is a microtransaction system that allows you to subscribe to the Discord service. When you purchase a Discord Nitro, you will be able to access files from all available servers, gif-names and Access to free service games. The application is made in two color themes: dark and light. For convenience, inside the in order to improve it, it is worth purchasing a discord affiliate program. Then the sound quality during transmission is improved.

If you do not want to chat, you can create a group in personal messages. The only disadvantage of communication in personal messages is that it is completely impossible to clear the chat, this will have to be done one by one. The application has a convenient alert system. On the chat screen, the notification text is highlighted in yellow on a dark and light theme. Each notification appears on a pop-up screen above.

I can recommend this application for players who like to play team games or want to be closer to their favorite gamers, to join the community of any game or follow their favorite streamer. And also to communicate, find new friends or express yourself. It has a convenient interface for both devices and computer. And also if you yourself are a streamer, there are several excellent features that will allow you to prevent unnecessary sounds during the stream. The developers are constantly correcting errors and are in direct communication with users of the application.

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