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Dictionary - Merriam-Webster review

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Alise Green

Dictionary - Merriam-Webster review

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As an avid bookworm, I meet words, idioms, and collocations with an unclear meaning almost every week. That’s why I always need a trustworthy dictionary. 15 year ago, at school, I used Merriam Webster Dictionary for such cases, but in 2011, I first tried the mobile version for iOS and fell in love. This offline dictionary provides comprehensive definitions of English words with examples. I use the app for eight years, and I can’t remember a case when it couldn’t answer my question.

Key Features

Merriam Webster Dictionary works very simply. You have to type a word into the search window at the top of the screen to receive an instant answer. The latest version can even correct spelling mistakes automatically to provide your the most reliable definition. No matter which word you want to know, Merriam Webster Dictionary always provides two kinds of definitions. The quick definition is usually a short sentence with a single usage example of without it.  
The full definition of a word includes two example sentences, the explanation of the word origins, a history reference, and a list of all existing synonyms and antonyms. All these features are absolutely free. You can also play several word games that are actually very exciting for literature lovers. Besides, you can read a definition of the “word of the day,” and save the words that you want to remember into a “favourites” folder. To do this, you have to press the like button. 

Merriam Webster Dictionary also includes a pronunciation feature that allows you to listen to unfamiliar words. Unfortunately, it is available only online. This condition is justified with the fact that this app is already massive and requires more than 200MB of storage space. Soundpacks would make it at least two times bigger. However, you are allowed to pronounce words instead of typing them. This feature is very helpful in those cases when you don’t know the correct spelling of a word. It’s also handy for people who have some kinds of physical limitations. “Hello Dictionary” command could also be very nice as well as an option to download sound packs separately for offline use. Some users would surely find it helpful.

In general, Merriam Webster Dictionary app offers much more features than the traditional dictionary book. It is portable, free, fast, comprehensive, frequently updatable, and even has a few integrated games! Install Merriam Webster Dictionary to be sure to have access to the biggest offline word library. All English learners should have it to read definitions in one of the most authentic sources. 

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