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Clash of Clans review

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Clash of Clans review

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Clash of Clans is a strategy game making you forget about everyday routine and immerse into this virtual world. Here main characters called Vikings and navigated by players should collect resources like elixir, dark elixir, and gold required to build villages and create an army protecting from attacks of goblins or other threats. To survive they should join clans and participate in a Grand Battle.

Key Features

You will start with simple dwelling, which can become a real kingdom in due course. As you build, you will expand, and your small camp turns to be a reliable fortress soon. At this stage, you can unlock more types of building. Every erected complicated structure provides you with the possibility to get even more structures of higher level. Upgrade barracks and think over different types of a building. There are a lot of units you can unlock.

Then you will have to fight. You can play as a single player and in the format PvP. Anyway, it is important to develop a strategy. If you want to win in this game, you should get a grip of common sense. Your powerful troops will defend your land and raid the others. Every such fighting requires you to spend resources and you become weaker. Thus, you should collect and accumulate resources again. Think over unlocking heroes which can be efficient in further fights, in particular in a battle to the global leader-board which will happen at the end of the game almost. If you manage to win or just show your skills, you can make a name for yourself in PvP.

Starting to play you are suggested to build a village and collect resources. Then you are to create your own civilization. But you will become more responsible. You should protect the citizens living in your kingdom; that is why you build defensive structures improving your buildings.

In single-player battles, you will be engaged in fighting with goblins that will lead you to rewards and allows you to understand the game's mechanics to the fullest extent. You will steal loot and join a strong clan to start the main battle in this game.

There are four tires of troops and more than 18 types of warriors to choose for the perfect fighting experience. You are suggested to think over the strategy and tactical deployment because a wrong placement could become a reason for disaster while the correct one delivers victory.

Please, mind, when kids playing this game, the parents should control their charges as far as there are in-app purchases concerning resources which are needed to succeed in the game. You earn in-game cash and pay for shelters, decorations, and other staff, and that is ok, but sometimes you can buy it for real money, and that should be watched out.

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