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Christmas Songs review

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Alise Green

Christmas Songs review

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In early December not everyone is filled with a sense of the upcoming Christmas. Or maybe you'd better watch "The Grinch" that "Home Alone" or "It's a Wonderful Life"? If you are among those who haven't a Christmas mood, you need a dose of magic atmosphere and the right music. Or vice versa, when the mood is at the height, you want to enjoy the Christmas holiday as much as possible. That is why good Christmas music is a great choice.

Key Features

This application is a collection of Christmas songs. The style of the app is somewhat cumbersome. On the cover are the emblems of the app on a red background, decorated with snowflakes at the edges. After a long time, the screen is divided into 2 halves. In the left screen there is a list of functions:”Soundboard”, “notification”, “favorite”, “info”, “other”, “more app”. "We wish you", "Jingle Bell" to the least popular. You can add to favorites. The second contribution is the notification of short ringtones, which can be set as a notification of messages and other applications. All you need is to find in the third tab. “Info” tab provides all information about the application, rights, and rights to use it. The tab allows users to share content with other users. Invest “more apps” on the page where other games and apps from this developer are presented.

You can say for sure that ringtones are of poor quality, although there are a lot of them. Ringing and crackling sounds are heard. Design could bribe, but the quality of records on the contrary repel. Also a big minus of the application is annoying advertising when switching from one tab to another. Also in the bottom of the screen to the left below the main functionality is the advertising button. When you exit the app, this annoying ad also pops up with a sound that is very difficult to remove, then a second one appears. Therefore it is very annoying. Transitions between tabs are implemented very crookedly. The screen is turned over, because the cheapest realizable animation was used.

I do not recommend this app to download. The quality of the records, the design of the application can upset users. If I were you, I would choose some other app with Christmas songs. There is a lot of advertising at the"Christmas Songs", which interfere with comfortable use. Appearance is poorly stabilized for various devices. The menu is drawn vertically, some virtual buttons may not respond well to touch on the touch screen.

I also have highly doubt about the security of this app. Since it requires fairly high access to information on the phone. Such as files and documents, contacts, calls and SMS, alarm data and much more. Therefore, for the sake of security of personal information, I advise you not to install this application on devices. It’s better to sign up for Christmas playlists in proven apps, if you really need to download ringtones for installation.

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