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Browser review

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Browser review

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To surf the net, you need a good browser. The developers at Easyelife offer a free browser.

Key Features

Browser for Android is one of the fastest, convenient and simple browsers. Browse the pages, save your favorite sites in the magazine, the application has a smart search, voice dialling in the search bar, a quick transition between links. The application also has extensive security settings, the ability to add extensions to the browser. Also, all the information that is in the browser for Android using the sync setting can be transferred to another device. The application does not track the owner, and you can choose how much information you want to provide to this application.

The main characteristics of the application are the simple and easy appearance. Quick launches and downloads pages and tabs of the app. The possibility of increasing with Pinch on the multi-sensor. Easy and simple to add bookmarks to pages. You can customize the appearance of the application for yourself: increase or decrease the size of the buttons, the text through the application settings. It has a download manager with which you can track all the downloads made from the application to the phone. The browser works well both with the help of mobile communication and in the Wi-Fi wireless network.

The application is not inferior to all known browsers Google Chrome, Mozilla or FireFox. When using the Browser for Android, you can turn it on incognito if you don’t want someone to know your search history. For ease of use in the browser, you can share your favorite pages in instant messengers and social networks. Also, the application is able to read Kyuar codes. The application works well both in full-screen mode and in split-screen mode, so you can use the browser along with other applications. Also, the browser can be used on top of other applications as a separate loose window.

I recommend this application to fans of surfing the Internet who are not indifferent to their information search security. For those who do not want to waste time waiting for a website to load for a few minutes or for those people who love the simplicity and optimal set of necessary functions in one application. Take a step towards easy search for the right information on the Internet. To not lose anything, you can save links to the pages you need in the application in bookmarks. Get away from surfing and surfing the web is a pleasure. A browser for Android will try to help you with this.

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