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Blood Pressure review

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Blood Pressure review

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Mobile apps have revolutionized how we prescribe, take care of and monitor diseases, helping millions live healthier and longer lives. The Blood Pressure app by Klimaszewski Szymon is one such app which helps users monitor their BP levels, and which hypertensive patients can use to get insights into their blood pressure levels. This app can’t substitute your doctor’s input for clinical diagnosis, and neither can it work without a proper blood monitor. 

Key Features

The Blood Pressure app is quite a useful utility. Instead of measuring your BP and having to do cumbersome recordings in a notebook or spreadsheet which you then give to a doctor, the app allows you to record your readings automatically, describe them, view interactive graphs and check out trends and stats. The app also allows you to filter elected data which you can then send to your doctor. You can write tags on all your records and use these repeatedly, if you are getting the same measurements. The app allows you to set daily reminders which work as an alarm for your scheduled BP measurements. 

This app records values of systolic and diastolic pressure, your pulse, and weight. With continuous recordings and reminders, you will be able to track all your stats in an automated way, and you can even export these into a .csv format which you can then share with your doctor. The app is especially useful because a doctor can check all your records for a given time without missing even one stat. Your charts will provide a comparison of different times and you can filter the application’s output to show specific results. Since there are numerous BP guidelines from numerous organizations such as the American Heart Association, the app will provide you with different standards such as JNC7, JNC8, ESH, etc. 

In terms of the app appearance, everything is well designed and you’ll feel right at home with the interface. You can customize the app with various themes depending on how you need your results displayed, for example, you can have results for systolic and diastolic pressure displayed with different colors, which would be especially useful for those with poor vision. All the charts, graphs, and other BP results and stats are well displayed and well contrasted, making understanding readings fairly easy. 

The Blood Pressure app is an excellent choice for anyone looking to keep detailed stats of their BP levels, and his app helps with keeping a healthier lifestyle.  

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