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Bible review

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Bible review

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Bible is an application developed by Life.Church for mobile devices allowing users to read the Gods Word wherever they are situated. You will get an easy reading and listening experience with a lot of additional features.

Key Features

All over the world, users are reading and listening to the Bible. This application available completely free. There are over 1400 versions translated into over 1000 languages here. You can find thousands of reading plans suggested in over 40 languages. The choice is so wide that everybody can benefit from this best rated software of this kind. This is a must-have for your mobile device.

There are a lot of customization features allowing to give accent to highlights and create bookmarks. You can make notes in a private and public form. You should have a stable Internet connection to use those options online. If there is no such opportunity, download versions you want and read them offline. Make reading easy adjusting font and text size to your reading habits or visual capacities. You can make the text contrast being low-light, for instance. All options you will easily find in the menu.

You can study the material, share your discoveries with others and discuss the content in like-minded persons. It is possible to attach quotes of verses to photos and send them to your friends. Various customization is available. You can like a page with color, synchronize the notes, highlights, reading plans and bookmarks with all your devices, but first, you should register a free YouVersion account. If you want to find some extract, you can search for it using keywords and offered search system.

It is so easy to listen to an audio text and enjoy all features suggested by the developer. You can apply the all-new skip option or set timer with easy controls. You can play back to refresh the fragment. Remember that Audio Bibles is not available for each version you can find within this application. Use the Plans to study the Bible in a stable way following the particular topics, considering the suggested parts of the text, and in a year you will finish the entire Bible.

You can read the Bible every day, switching between versions to compare interpretations and understand the idea properly. The select versions are available in audio files, but they cannot be downloaded. You can look through your home feed and viewing what your friends bookmark. Leave your comments on your friends shared information and ask a question. This is a comprehensive communication channel. Here you are suggested to watch video clips from the Bible for free.

If still there are some concerns, the developer invites you to contact support from inside the application.

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