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Animal Jam - Play Wild! review

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Alise Green

Animal Jam - Play Wild! review

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Animal Jam is a massively multiplayer online game for children aged mainly ten and above with animals as main characters. Players can create various animal avatars and customize them for making friends, being involved in adventures, and exploring nature. They can play it on any mobile device for free. It offers in-app purchases improving a playing experience.

Key Features

The game suggests surrounding of the fanciful world of Jamaa. It existed long ago, and now a player can appear inside it. Create an animal in a style you want to express your preferences and find out more about the stunning 3D world of Jamaa. This is the safest virtual place to make new friends and chat with everybody involved in this community for kids. You will get various creative tools for decoration, playing joyful games, and adopting cute pets. In this way, kids will get a comprehensive idea of the world, learn a lot of facts about animals and their real life. The app allows downloading topical e-books for even more efficient education.

A kid can become a wolf, cat, bunny, and any other animal of a suggested range. Millions of children around the world enjoy playing in such a way. The application provides parents with controls allowing to monitor the social features which become available to children when they play. In addition, it is important to be aware of optional purchases which require real money. Developer offers an option which enables disabling in-app purchasing. Just go to settings and adjust them by your choice following the instructions.

The game is full of features improving a playing experience. You can personalize an animal completely, making it of size, color, and style you want. Buy clothes for your pet and furniture for its dwelling in a shop packed with a lot of various items. A player is surrounded with a gorgeous 3D world with various challenges. When a kid gets achievements, it earns Gems. Thus, in the form of a game, it is educated and learns how to protect the natural world being in an exciting and safe online environment. Developer guarantees a child’s safety protecting his private information from becoming accessible for third parties. There is live moderation.

In 2017 this game was ranked as the best one at Google Play Awards. It is a perfect possibility to try a well-done pet simulator growing a unique pet. It continues to be upgraded, so do not forget to check out new arrivals like new items for the customization of your pet and plenty of accessories which can be of help for your dinner parties in a bistro. Almost every month you will get new stuff to diverse your playing experience and increase the replayability of the game. Controls are very easy here. To master all available movements and actions, you’d better read the tutorial.

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