New Split-Screen Local Co-op from Stardew Valley

Stardew Valley is a cooperative role-playing game that challenges budding farmers to ambitious goals. Arriving at the place, the heroes discover a ruined economy, with fields overgrown with weeds and dilapidated buildings. Taking a shovel, rake, and garden shears in our hands, we have to create a blossoming garden and good land, pleasing to the eye and soul. 

Stardew Valley started as a single-player game in 2016. The first multi-user features appeared in the game in 2018. However, it had several shortcomings, such as the lack of cross-platform support. Besides, the assembled users could only see their own screens.

Eric Barone, also known as Concerned Ape, announced that Stardew Valley Update 1.5 will introduce a co-op game for two players who will grow crops and make money together on the same screen.

Due to a July tweet from Barone, we already knew that the next game update would be big and would include some significant novelty. However, the local multiplayer is a huge surprise. The creator shared a screenshot of the co-op on Twitter. In his post, he said that while all platforms will play together with a split-screen, only on a PC, you can invite three more people.

However, observant gamers remarked that there is more exciting information on the screenshots. They turned out that the creators' tweet hides several novelties. There are desert farms, chests, decorations, and the ability to light torches on the fence. 

Role-playing interaction will allow four players to work the land at once, so the farmers will be less tired and bring the valley into a divine form much faster. Do not forget about the NPCs inhabiting the area; they can give a profitable task or even start a family with you. All kinds of fairs often come to the valley, where you can sell the grown crops or acquire the necessary resources. 

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