New Google Map “Busyness” Feature

Google Maps has added a new feature thanks to which you can understand in real-time how crowded the places of leisure are. The list includes shops, restaurants, and parks.

The company announced that the "busyness" feature is expanding and will display whether a public place is full or empty.

This update is related to the coronavirus pandemic. This feature will come in handy if you are going shopping. Now you can find out if you can maintain your distance safely without leaving your home. In addition to parks and shops, you will be presented with such sites as beaches, gas stations, pharmacies, and self-service laundries.

The user only needs to open the Maps application on their smartphone and navigate until they find a place they want to visit. The map will have markers such as "Not busy," "Busy more than usual," or "As busy as possible." The feature will become available in the coming weeks.

The "busyness" information will appear on the map in the direction you are moving, so you won't have to look for a specific place with empty or half-filled, for example, restaurant halls. The feature will be available to Android, iOS, and PC users worldwide.

At the same time, users can find out what security measures the institution is taking to protect visitors from infection with COVID-19. For example, whether customers are required to use protective masks, whether the temperature at the entrance is checked, are there sanitizers inside, etc.

This feature will help you stay safe in public places and help you avoid disappointment if you come to your favorite cafe and do not find empty seats. In any case, this function cannot be classified as useless. We are pretty sure that the “busyness” feature will stay relevant even when the pandemic fades away. What do you think of this new tool? You are welcome to tell us in the comments section. Share this news to use it with your friends and subscribe for more useful information.

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