Top Seven iOS 14 Features Found After Installation

IOS has a lot of hidden or non-obvious features to use at first. We have collected seven of these hidden features. Each of them is useful, but not all iPhone owners know the main thing about their existence.

What We Have

It's time to check your phone for these features. We are sure that you will find what you have long lacked in your iPhone among them.

Fast video shooting

There were two ways to start shooting a video at once quickly. Just hold down the shutter button, and iOS 14 will begin capturing video automatically. Shoot video using the volume up button. It is convenient if you are filming on the go or without looking at the screen. An important point: shooting is in progress while the button is held down.

Everything for your sleep

IOS used to have a feature that warned when it was time to go to bed. Now it has become even better. The iPhone will remind you of sleep and enable Do Not Disturb mode in advance so that you do not respond to messages before bedtime and simplifies the lock screen so that nothing is distracted at all. The phone can even turn on a relaxing playlist if you set up such a command for it.

Siri audio messaging

This feature will help you save time. You don't have to touch the phone at all to send a message. So far, Siri only supports sending audio through Messages, but it looks like other developers will use this feature.

Quick selection of styles in notes

Many people use the standard notes application as the main one. Sometimes you need to choose a writing style quickly, but unfortunately, there is no such possibility. Actually, there hasn't been such a possibility before. With the release of a new update, you need to select the required text, hold your finger on the icon with the letters A, and then select the desired style.

Built-in translator

You can use the translator both simply on your phone and using a browser. Open the website in any language, go to the page settings and select the translation into the language you need. See how the translation was made, and most importantly, how the site adjusted to another language.

Spatial sound

An unusual feature that adjusts the sound in AirPods-Pro to fit your head. It seems that you are not sitting with headphones, but in a cinema, where the sound comes from the speakers on the right and left. It sounds boring in words, but in fact, it is impressive. Keep in mind that spatial sound works only with movies. Nothing will change for YouTube and music. Unfortunately, this feature is for AirPods-Pro only. 

Fewer app icons

IOS 14 introduces the App Library, a long list of all the apps installed on your phone on the right-most screen. It gives you the ability to sort out the clutter of endless icons. Instead of deleting an application, you can move it to the library. Thus, the icon will disappear, but the program will remain on the phone.

Use Your iPhone More Efficiently

We've brought you seven new features for iOS 14 that you might not have known about after installation. What is the most helpful feature, in your opinion? Tell us in the comments section. Share this piece with your friends so that they also learn about hidden features. Subscribe not to miss other news.

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