Top Five Google Event Announcements from Pixel 5

Google held its traditional fall hardware presentation event, where it introduced the Pixel 5. The event generally met users' expectations and predictions, but Google also prepared a few surprises, not always pleasant ones. Here's everything we find the most interesting from the Google event.

New Chromecast Without Stadia Support

Google's new Chromecast with Google TV will support many of the streaming services that the majority of people need, though Apple TV Plus seems to be a noticeable hurdle. At launch, the new Google TV Chromecast doesn't support Stadia. The company says support will arrive in 2021.

Instead of Google Play Movies & TV

Google TV will replace Google Play Movies & TV, but it differs from Google TV running on Android TV with the new Chromecast as it is an app. It also has nothing in common with Google TV, which was quietly shut down back in 2014. For starters, this change awaits Android devices.

New Nest Audio

The company has officially declared the new smart speaker the most advanced in its smart speakers' line with Google Assistant support. Nest Audio replaced the original Google Home in 2016. The device is completely covered with fabric, which is available in different colors. Just like with other Nest speakers, four colored LEDs are embedded in the material that lights up when they hear or respond to a voice command.

Video Chats Updating in DUO

With Google Duo, you can share your screen with everyone. Due to this new feature, you can watch a movie together. Furthermore, it's a great chance to help your nearest and dearest to go through a few complicated steps in different programs.

The Newest Google Pixel Announcement

The company highlights unique features that are already helping to set the Pixel apart from the competition, such as its special software for cameras. The Pixel 5 will be powered by a top-tier Snapdragon processor, complete with an integrated modem to support 5G. 

The smartphone will also be equipped with a new panel, wireless charging, and waterproof feature.

Google Continues to Amaze

Google announcement showed us how many new products the company is preparing for soon and next year. New applications and services promise to be convenient, but some of them are quite strange. Share your opinion on the news in the comments. What are you most looking forward to from the list? Share this post and subscribe to find out the latest information about new products from Google and more. 

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